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Atomic Pulse as began his way in sunny Israel on 1999. Tamir Ozana and Yair Bar On (Atomic Pulse) acclaimed DJ's and producers Israeli psychedelic trance and them both 18 years old. After completing their studies for a degree in sound engineering, they decided that the production must began and they really started making their dream by making music and releasing music for the fulfillment of their real goals and dreams with a great start and fantastic return from the public Atomic Pulse started and considered one of the most notable projects and still are, exemplary and influential of the new millennium.


Atomic Rush shook and continues rocking festivals around the world, including: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, USA, Canada, South Africa, India, Morocco, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, UK, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Ibiza, Switzerland, Bosnia, France, Spain, Holland, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Serbia, Thailand, Australia, among others.

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