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One could assume that the Swiss, Marcel Dominic Zimmerli, was born already as a DJ and music producer. Already in the age of 13 he was fascinated what DJ‘s did, and two years later he had his first public performances in various cubs in Switzerland. 
Soon afterwards also bigger Clubs and organizers discovered him and recognised his talent. By that time his favourite style of music was Trance because he could identify himself with this. After a short time own songs on various CD compilations and own vinyls were available.
The biggest success by that time was the own production on the Energy 03 Life CD. After this first success the biggest clubs and organizers like OXA, Club Q Energy, Motion, Sonic, Mythos etc. became aware of him an he had a one hour gig on VIVA TV. Shortly after that he received a residency at the OXA.
From this time on he performed in the most successful clubs in Switzerland and got the first gigs abroad: Discoteca Shock! in Torino, Altromondo Studios in Rimini und other clubs in Germany, Austria and France.



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